Jesse Bornstein turned the daunting process of building our own dream home into a reality for us. From the very beginning, we knew that we were in the right hands when Jesse patiently helped us assess the feasibility of building on several sites that we were considering. In fact, he even helped us save money in our negotiations with our seller because of his extensive knowledge of construction. Of course, those talents are not the attributes that drew us to Jesse in the first place, but they are indicative of the confidence we placed in his hands when making the most important of decisions. We were initially drawn to Jesse because of his amazing artistic vision and integrative sensibilities, which were exceedingly obvious upon every successive meeting we had with him. In working with him over the past three years, he still continues to impress us with his willingness to do whatever is necessary to keep the project going, from micro-managing a subcontractor’s crew to accommodating our busy schedule with weekend meetings and late evening phone calls. He is truly passionate about his work and no detail is too insignificant to him.

Jesse thoughtfully synthesized our family's needs and desires, site-specific considerations, and truly collaborated with us, yet maintained his unique style to design our home. Jesse's design-build approach was integral to help realize this shared vision with exacting standards and in a cost-effective manner. His incredible sensitivity, passion, ingenuity, generosity, humor and kindness has gotten us through the oft-familiar stress of custom homebuilding. It has been a pleasure working with Jesse and we believe anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.

-Mandeville Canyon House Owner


Jesse designed and built a very exciting home for us. Among Jesse’s many great strengths as an architect, one of the most important and most valuable qualities to any consumer of architecture is his openness to the ideas and needs of his client. Jesse really listened to us and worked into his design concepts qualities we knew we wanted to live with and now most satisfyingly do. Based on his deep and extensive experience with designing and building homes for families, Jesse was able to mold our concepts and his own into a well integrated physical form. If you enjoy light, a stimulating setting for socializing with friends, materials, and private areas within your home, just to name a couple of qualities Jesse provided to us, than it is very likely you will find great satisfaction from any project you allow Jesse to design for you.

-Cory and Elizabeth Kahn, Santa Monica, CA


Twenty years ago as total novices to the process, we hired Jesse to design our new house in Westwood. We discussed our needs and Jesse drew incredible architectural plans. When it came to building the house, we chose Jesse and his father, Harry, as our general contractors. They were honest, creative, on time and on budget. We established such a good relationship with Jesse that we continue to use him for all of our significant home improvement projects, including designing our pool some ten years ago and a current big landscaping project. The same hallmarks that endeared us to Jesse 20 years ago remain true today: a great and creative architect, conscientious and trustworthy.

-Ron and Paulette Nessim, Westwood, CA


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